Horse Staking Plans and Race Betting Handicapping Systems

There are so many different horse race staking plans and 1xbet سایت اصلی handicap systems that punters have taken profitable advantage of over the past few years, and even months, in the horse bet racing world. These race staking systems have a few fundamental similarities as well as major differences that separate them from one another and allow each horse punter to bet individually on any race that they chose, over any international thoroughbred market (from UK horse betting to Australia, USA, EU, NZ, and others, really any place that horse racing happens).

With so many different punters professionally tacking advantage of different profitable staking plans, it may be difficult to determine which racing system is the proper fit for you. There are a few major staking programs that many punters have used successfully over the years, they include, a Level Stakes staking plan, a Percentage Point staking plan, and finally a Square Root + Level Stakes staking plan. These are some of the various race selection and wager organizers that are used in today’s volatile horse betting markets, let’s look at each one individually in more detail.

This is the most common and simple of all the staking plans and is great for beginners, but may prove to be somewhat flawed down the road due to its own simplistic nature. The principle is simple enough, and that is that the total amount of funds is divided into a number of different stakes and that specific amount is then staked (or wagered) on each bet for every single race the punter is betting on (for every bet they place).

So, if a punter starts out with an approximate betting bank of £1,000 and decides that this amount should cover no less than 200 bets exactly, then you simply divide the size of the bank (£1,000 ) by the amount of bets (200 wagers) and determine that each bet will stake £5.00 on every race the punter selects to wager in.

The clear positives of this staking plan lie in the simplicity of it all, the punter simply calculates their staking amount a single time and uses that from then on out. The other major positive to this style of staking race system is that punters can regulate the amount of wagers there betting bank should uphold, causing less bettors to bust on the amount of bets they can place over time. But because of its overall simplicity, the system does have drawbacks, mainly that it doesn’t allow for any fluctuations of improvisation, which can be so vital in the horse racing world.

This style of staking plan is generally recommended for total beginners to the betting scene, but even the most novice of punters will eventually be able to stray towards a more involved staking plan as time goes by. This type of betting system is only recommended for the first several months of wagering.

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