Book to Market Your Services: 8 Things You Must Know

But if you write and publish a course in miracles with the hope that new leads and fresh business will magically arrive at your doorstep when your book arrives on store shelves, you’re woefully mistaken. Without your active effort, your book may become little more than an attractive footnote on your resume. With careful planning and an aggressive campaign, however, your book can do more than catalyze a few fresh leads – it can open up new opportunities you may not have even considered possible before.

The following are eight points to consider about publishing and marketing. Whether you’re planning to write a book, entering contract negotiations or have already published a book and are currently marketing it, these points can help you make the most of a very good thing.

1) Plan on marketing the book yourself

First, a reality check: Unless you’re Tom Peters or Stephen King, your big name, big bucks publisher will not lift a finger to market your book. You want print ads, press kits and publicity tours? Then plan on organizing and paying for them yourself. The truth is, the burden of marketing your book falls entirely upon your shoulders. That may be a bitter pill to swallow, but the sooner you get over your disappointment and assume responsibility for your book, the better.

2) Negotiate for the right things in your book contract

Too many authors focus almost exclusively on the terms of their advance (the money you get while writing the book) and royalties. Keep your focus and remember that you’re not writing the book to make money on sales, but as a tool to build your business or practice. Here a few important things you’ll want to address during negotiations:

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