Best Current Accounts – Examination of the United Kingdom

Banking in aws accounts buy, since its birth. This can lead to confusion and a misconception that it is a very complex process to create and maintain the best current account. More traditional means of payment and saving are use, in extreme cases of confusion, as a result which leads to those people missing out on great service and deals of the best current bank account. There are several listed accounts available in banks in the United Kingdom that demonstrate desirable efficiency and great service for all their clients and their titles are Barclays, Halifax, and Santander. Their diversity of services of their best current account or accounts will be delineated below.

Barclays is a worldwide organization with a superior reputation to most. It has ranked in the Forbes Global (2000) list as the twenty-fifth largest bank organization in the world, making it a formidable opponent in the competitive banking world. They offer four very good bank accounts for services being Personal, Premier, Business and Corporation, the most ambiguous of which being Premier. If a small business is owned or a sole proprietorship, the needs of said business may not be substantial enough for a Business banking account, yet be too much for a Personal account. Thus, Premier could be the best account. It is also designed for people who have above average needs for banking and is the best current account for them. Included in any deal with this organization is a credit card, and services to help in any endeavor standing by.

Halifax also offers four great accounts – a Packaged Account, also known as the Ultimate Reward Account, Reward Account, Everyday Account and Student Account. The Unlimited Account offers all services with no restrictions, whilst the others steadily abstain advantages, meaning in terms of benefits it is the best current account. For a casual buyer or investor, however, some of the less advantaged deals may be more suitable. It is Britain’s largest provider of residential mortgages, as well as savings accounts. As its logo is ‘A little Extra Help,’ it is not surprising to see that they offer a special, best bank account for students. Some of the benefits include a zero percent EAR which is in play for five years, which is an extra year for most college graduates to get on their feet, with a job or career, as well as getting a £500 interest-free overdraft upon starting an account.

Santander, unlike the aforementioned banking organizations, did not originally start out as having any affiliation with the United Kingdom. However, in July of 2008, it presented its ambition of taking over a British organization called Alliance&Leicester, which became successful in October of the same year. They now have over one thousand, three hundred branches and four thousand, five hundred cash machines in the United Kingdom. There are three great accounts available for this organization, the High Interest Account, Reward Current Account and the Overdraft Account. The High Interest Account offers a five percentage AER, while the Reward Account offers this only up to a year, in which case it will decrease to 1.00% gross AER. The most basic account, the Overdraft, starts off with 0% AER, but after twelve months offers a variable of 12%, subject to change upon the companies criteria. Personal, Business or Corporate type accounts are available.

It is clear that the United Kingdom includes some very competent banking organizations, some of which are well-revered worldwide. Each have their own strengths and with a proper assessment of one’s current needs it becomes a straightforward process to see which is the best current account for independent needs.

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