What You Must See on Your Holidays to Iran

A large country in the Middle Iran visa for European citizen has a rich history and vast amounts of unexplored, hidden treasures to show the tourists. One of the world’s oldest civilizations is from Iran, which today has grown to have become among the leaders in the world. It occupies a high level when it comes to international economy and energy security, since it has the largest reserve of natural gas and petroleum. An alternate name by which Iran is referred to is ‘The land of kindness’, which reflects on the personality of the people living in this country.

There are millions of people who visit Iran yearly for a holiday, and when they do there are several sights which are visited. But amidst them all, there are five things one must not miss, which are,

Kind of like the Central park of New York, the Imam Square is where all the activities in Iran take place. This is where people come together, to either spend an idle evening, or to celebrate a local festival. The place is always buzzing with activity and there are stores around the square from where one can pick up trinkets and other memorabilia to take back home.

When a person drives down to the place, they will be surprised at the sheer size of the desert and the monument called Choqa Zambil standing tall in the place. It is one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sights and preserved by the Government. The ziggurat at the Choqa Zambil is proof of the architecture that is unique to Iran, and found nowhere else in the world.

A throne of the Jamshid, Persepolis is a magnificent palace built around 512 BC and that has survived getting burnt to the ground in 331 BC. The ruins are what we see today, which have been preserved and restored as it were back then. The first thing we see as we step into this complex is the Xersxes’ Gateway, which is huge and has intricate carvings on it.

The fun is in getting to Kharanaq rather than at the venue itself. The drive from Yazd winds around loops and quiet long stretches of roads. Some parts of the village is said to be over 1000 years old. The main focal point here is the Qajar era mosque, built in the 17th century and today being restored. For more adventure, one can walk from the village to about 250 meters down the valley to an ancient well kind of structure, which was built to provide water to the fields around the area.

The majestic Mil e Gonbad tower has been so beautifully preserved, that one will not believe that it was built nearly 1000 years ago. The visitors are taken on a tour of the entire building, and to the centre from where one can hear echo from absolutely any point in the tower, making them wonder in awe.

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