The Self-Published Book Deal

That custom a course in miracles bookstore. There are far fewer publishing houses now and competition by aspiring authors looking to get in the door is intense. It is nearly impossible for the overwhelming majority of authors to publish a book conceived to be used for self and business promotion to obtain a contract from a traditional publishing company.

Self-publishing houses and even large photocopy stores have stepped into the breach and opened the doors wide for those who have a business to promote and hope that a book, the ultimate in content marketing, will sprinkle some credibility fairy dust upon them,

In addition to business owners and the self-employed, anyone who feels they have a compelling story to tell, or a family history they’d like to document in print and pass on to future generations, is a potential self-publishing author. Self-publishing is most suitable for authors who are unlikely to attract a traditional publisher and who will sell directly to readers from the author’s website, at seminars, readings, or at other gatherings.

Get started on your self-directed book deal by visiting the websites of self-publishers, so that you can compare services and prices. When evaluating services, pay attention to exactly what you will pay for and watch out for hidden fees. Look for non-template, customized cover design charges; editing and copy editing (i.e., typos) charges; and distribution and renewal fees. Expect to pay $1500.00 – $4500.00 to edit, design and print your book.

Examine with great care (and with the assistance of an attorney who specializes in the field) the subject of author rights.True self-publishing means that all rights to the book lie exclusively with its author. Also, clarify whether you will be able to terminate your publishing agreement at will and without penalty.

Verify that your book can appear in both print and digital formats. According to the Association of American Publishers the e-book trend is soaring, spurred on by Nook and Kindle. In 2012, e-book sales accounted for 23% of all book sales. In 2010, that figure was 9%.

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