The eVolution Of The iNternet Family Online Shopping Mall

That’s because the DubLi shopwithtrends Mall offers you a ton of quality brand name products and services at great prices, but with a really cool added bonus. Not only that, but it also offers aspiring home business entrepreneurs with a turn-key entry into the $300 billion eCommerce business segment.

For starters, when you shop at the DubLi Shopping Mall, you interact with merchants that have struck specials deals with the company. What this means is that DubLi incentivizes its customers to shop through their portal by offering cool rewards. For instance, when you shop Best Buy products through the DubLi Shopping Mall portal, you are eligible to receive up to 1.5% back in reward points. Other merchants offer higher reward percentages.

Two ways to maximize your DubLi Shopping Mall experience

The neat thing about these DubLi Shopping reward points is that each one of them turns into cash (each point is worth U.S. $1). So let’s say that you purchase a laptop and earn back 27 reward points. At this point, you have two options. You can keep the reward points and save them for future purchases at the DubLi Shopping Mall. Or, you can have the points converted into $27 and deposited into a MasterCard check card. You would then be able to spend that money anywhere where MasterCard is accepted.

Here’s another great way to maximize the use of reward points. Let’s say that on top of your laptop purchase, you also purchased a printer and an extra battery. Let’s also assume that these two purchases netted an additional 23 points. Now you have a total of 50 DubLi shopping reward points. Well, if you use those points to buy another item, you instantly qualify for even more rewards. So, if you chose to buy a $50 gift card, and that gift card netted 3.5 points, then you’d essentially be shopping and earning points for free. Pretty cool.

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