In order that man remains sound in health and happy 2 things is most required viz. pure unpolluted air and clean clear water. All other material comforts/facilities take 2nd spot. In the sequence of requirements they take 1st and 2nd spot IGET Hot Flavours. Food stands 3rd in position. For at least a few days one can remain alive without food and for a lesser time span than this one can live without drinking water. But as far as air is concerned its need is so intense that one cannot live without it even for a few moments. Further if we have to breathe in a dirty polluted atmosphere we shall become victims of various simple/deadly diseases.

In order to remain healthy it is just not enough to breathe in air because more than this the requirement is of clean unpolluted air for inhalation. But today in this modern scientific age smoke from factories, carbon emitted by chimney smoke, furnace emissions and other tainted materials has rendered air so toxic that it is but natural for deeply thinking great men to get worried. Recently in many countries regarding this heinous problem a lot of worry is being harbored and public exhibitions to highlight this problem too have been showcased.

 A glimpse of the reactions of air pollution can be understood via a few episodes: In 1952 in whole of London for 4 days a fog of smoke (smog) covered the sky ceaselessly. As a result about 4000 people died. In 1945 in USA’s Danora city a very similar type of smog covered its sky. Hence hundreds of people got afflicted with breathing ailments and diseases. The cause in both these cities was one: Due to usage of coal factories emitted deadly sulfur dioxide gas into the atmosphere.

In Japan’s capital Tokyo the police after every half an hour had to inhale oxygen from oxygen cylinders because due to smoke emissions from cars, trucks etc the measure of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere increases.

On the roads of Japan’s capital Tokyo vehicles that ply increase in number. Thus at that time smoke content increases so much that at the government level announcements for public security have to be made. Government officials in order to get saved from its choking effect wear gas masks. In 1966 in Tokyo 65 times this sort of warning was officially announced. The traffic police every half an hour while staying away from duty temporarily would head to the nearby pavement corner where oxygen cylinders were kept and would inhale oxygen from it. Many a times it so happened that when the police erred by not going to inhale oxygen many of them together lost consciousness.

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