Teacup Kittens – 4 Places to Find the Perfect Ones

exotic shorthair kittens for sale are considered to be very cute and adorable since these cats grow up to a maximum height of 9 inches. If you are a prospective owner of a teacup kitten then chances are you would like to know where you can find a healthy teacup kitten. The following paragraphs will help you understand which places to look at and which places to avoid while searching for teacup cats or kittens.


Prospective owners are encouraged to consider buying teacup kittens form reputable breeders since reputable breeders offer healthy animals with a good lineage. The main advantage of buying these animals from a reputable breeder is that you will get what you paid for and you won’t be handed a stunted house cat that has been labelled as a teacup kitten.

New owners should remember that many unscrupulous sellers often sell stunted house cats to new owners by labelling them as teacup cats hence it is always better to pay a little extra and get a cat with a certificate. Usually reputable breeders sell animals along with a health certificate that has information about the various vaccination shots the animal has been given.

Rescue Centers

There are many rescue centers that help unwanted animals get loving forever homes. These rescue centers take care of unwanted animals and ensure that these animals get a family that wants them. While some rescue centers and animal welfare centers charge a small fee for re-homing animals, other shelters do not charge this fee. Remember all prospective owners may have to undergo a brief interview before they are allowed to take their new pet home. Prospective owners can also look for teacup kittens by viewing the ads in newspapers. There are many families who cannot continue to keep a pet due to personal reasons and at such times these families search for someone to take care of their beloved pet. Remember to avoid ads that state that they only want money and they need the pet gone away as soon as possible. People who post such ads usually neglect their pets and as a result the pets become unruly and difficult to tame.

Pet Stores and Back Yard Breeders

Most people who want to buy pets often go to these 2 places without realizing that backyard breeders and pet stores do not care much about their animals. This statement is true for most of the backyard breeders and pet stores around the world but there are a few exceptions who take care of their animals and ensure that only animals would a good lineage are bred.

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