Power Start Your Day with the High Chi Breakfast Mix

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it affects your mood, energy levels and Elf bar ability to focus and concentrate. However making sure that you eat the right type of food is just as important as making sure that you eat breakfast.Whether you are a yogurt eater, shake drinker, porridge or cereal lover, you can benefit from adding the Chi Breakfast Mix to your food.The reason the Chi Breakfast Mix works is that it: * is high in the essential nutrients that your body needs to function effectively * increases your body’s Chi * balances the Yin/Yang energies in the body * supports your meridians

To find out more about Chi, Yin/Yang and meridian energy, please read my previous articles; ‘What is Chi’, ‘How to Make the Most of Yin/Yang Energy in Your Life’ and ‘Meridians – Energy Channels for Health and Vitality’.Chi Breakfast Mix * Almonds – ground organic * Amaranth * Black sesame seeds – ground organic * Cinnamon * Coconut * Flaxseeds/Linseeds * Lecithin * Oats – organic * Pumpkin seeds – organic * Sunflower seeds – organic * Walnuts – ground organic

Mix ingredients together and store in airtight container in the fridge. Add several tablespoons to your breakfast shake, yogurt, cereal or porridge.

Why the Chi Breakfast Mix Works

Almonds: Almonds have a warming nature and sweet flavour. They relieve stagnant Chi energy. They are also useful in certain types of constipation. Almonds alkalise the blood, are high in mono-unsaturated fats useful in reducing risk of heart disease. They are high in magnesium that is needed for energy production. Eating almonds also reduces the glycemic index (GI) of your meal resulting in a decrease in your after-meal rises in blood sugar.

Amaranth: Amaranth has a cooling nature and a sweet flavour. It is high in protein (up to 18%), vitamin C, fibre and the amino acids methionine and lysine (needed by cold sore sufferers). It contains more calcium and the supporting calcium cofactors – magnesium and silicon than milk. Amaranth dries up internal dampness (mucus) and benefits the lungs. Regular consumption can also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Black sesame seeds: Neutral nature with sweet flavour. Black sesame seeds tonify the Yin fluids, blood and organs of the body and support the kidney and liver meridians. They help calm the nervous system and are great for insomnia. They also promote regular bowel movement and reduce cholesterol in the body. They are a good source of calcium, copper, protein, iron, phosphorous, magnesium and EFAs. These nutrients help to support healthy bones, muscles, blood, and nervous system.

Cinnamon: Warming and sweet. Cinnamon has may health benefits including; reducing platelet aggregation and inflammation and having an anti-microbial effect by helping stop the growth of bacteria, fungi and Candida. Cinnamon also helps the body utilise blood sugar by slowing down the rate at which the stomach empties after meals thereby reducing the rise in blood sugar. Recent research has shown that cinnamon may also boost brain activity. Cinnamon can also be used as a tea with ginger to provide relief from a cold or flu.

Coconut: Warming and sweet. Coconut builds the Yin fluids in the body. It boosts energy and endurance, enhancing physical and athletic performance. It improves digestion and the absorption of other nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It improves insulin secretion and the utilisation of blood glucose.

Flaxseeds/Linseeds: Neutral nature with sweet flavour. Rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, magnesium, potassium. Linseeds contain fibre that protects your gut and prevents the absorption of bile acids. They help to eliminate waste, prevent constipation, and aid regular bowel movement. They are excellent for irritable bowel syndrome.

Lecithin: Natural fat emulsifier in the body that prevents fat cells from accumulating in the liver. Research has also shown that lecithin may assist in preventing Alzheimer’s, supporting healthy breast cells and glandular functioning, preventing gallstones and promoting gall-bladder health.

Oats: Warming nature with sweet-slightly bitter flavour. Oats are soothing, restoring the nervous and reproductive systems. They also strengthen the spleen meridian, remove cholesterol from the digestive tract and arteries and strengthen cardiac muscles. They are high in silicon helping renew bones and connective tissues. Oats also contain phosphorus required for brain and nerve formation. They are a great food for individuals who are weak and deficient. Pumpkin seeds: Neutral nature with sweet-bitter flavour. Pumpkin seeds support the large intestine and spleen meridians. They are a valuable source of zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition they are high in magnesium, manganese and phosphorus, and a good source of iron, copper and protein. Recent research shows that they may also assist in reducing cholesterol.

Sunflower seeds: Warming nature with sweet flavour. Sunflower seeds are beneficial for the spleen meridian acting as a chi energy tonic. They are an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium and selenium. Numerous studies have demonstrated that magnesium helps reduce the severity of asthma, lower high blood pressure, and prevent migraine headaches, as well as reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Magnesium is also necessary for healthy bones and energy production.

Walnuts: Walnuts help improve kidney Yang deficiency, a major factor in adrenal fatigue. They are an excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega-3s are considered to provide cardiovascular protection, promote cognitive function and offer anti-inflammatory benefits helpful in asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. In addition, walnuts contain an antioxidant compound called ellagic acid that supports the immune system and appears to have several anti-cancer properties. Since walnuts contain relatively high levels of l-arginine, an essential amino acid, they may also assist in reducing hypertension.

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