Microsoft Office Innovations and SkyDrive

The latest version of Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise is a complete improvement from previous editions, with new functions and a renewed user interface. The productivity suite has additionally been fully optimized for touchscreen products, such as tablets as well as all-in-one PCs with touch displays. There are numerous new elements sprinkled across the application within the Office suite.

Documents in the better looking Office could be marked up by composing on a touch screen with a stylus pen. The suite is going to be compatible with tablets which use Windows 8. Screens look less cluttered with icons and also menus compared to current Office products. The software package is now incorporated with Skype, the voice-over-IP provider that lets consumers collaborate on documents by means of video conferences.

Working with the most recent release of Windows

The recent version of Office’s fresh and optimized-for-touchscreens structure complements Windows 8. Similar to the Windows 8 Start screen, Office carries a minimalist, even look with bolder textual content, lesser buttons and icons. The change reduces the excess flourishes in place of improving your capability to focus on the job or tasks at hand.

Office is furthermore compatible with all of the editions of Windows 7, but it will certainly not run on any editions of Windows Vista or XP. Establishments running these older editions of Windows should take into account upgrading to a more recent version of Windows to manage the latest software.

SkyDrive and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing represents a steadily increasing trend towards providing software, storage as well as other services from remote data points over the internet as an alternative to relying on software or files installed on different PCs.

While previous versions of Office saved files on PCs’ hard disk drives, the new Office works by using Microsoft’s online “SkyDrive” system for default storage. Files and documents may be shared on Facebook, social media sites or be posted as blogs.

SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud product is integrated all through the Office suite. Once you install Office, you are going to be prompted to enter your Microsoft account details, which are connected to your SkyDrive account. You will then have the capacity to upload files to your own SkyDrive web account right from Office. SkyDrive is currently the default setting for saving new files; however you can simply change that to save to whatever location you like; to a network drive, locally or to an external hard drive.

Doing work across numerous devices is a lot easier with SkyDrive and Office. Immediately after saving to SkyDrive, it is possible to access your files, presentation, documents, spreadsheets, and other Office data files from various PCs, or from your very own Windows tablet or smart phone. MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and MS Word will in addition save in the last specific location in which you were working prior to when you saved.

Office brings many helpful new features aren’t so extreme that your employees will be obligated to re-learn the application. A couple of brown-bag lessons to highlight the additional features might be all it requires to start with Office.

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