Miami is the Best Place to Leave For a Cruise Vacation

I sit and watch these cruise ships, of many brands, varieties, and capacity levels, sail away every day. It makes me very happy to see people with such joy and glee on their faces take off from my home city of Miami architects. If you post up on South Beach, you can watch them sail past the government cut, as it’s called, which is the strip of water right in front of the popular restaurant Smith & Wollensky.

Many people sail from Miami each year. The cruising industry sets sail from the port of Miami, and takes people to various destinations across the globe. I feel Miami is the best place to embark on any cruise journey, and here are my reasons below.

1. Miami is accessible from almost any major US hub. You can even fly to Fort Lauderdale, which is about 20 minutes north, and taxi down to the port of Miami and catch your cruise. If you really want to get granular, go ahead and fly into Tampa, West Palm, or Orlando. All are within 4 hours of the port of Miami.

2. If you need to stay a night on either side of your cruise journey, why not make it in Miami? It’s such a great city to enjoy as a tourist. Beaches, South Beach in particular, are a huge draw, as well as Miami’s sports teams the the pro and University level.

3. Miami’s beauty around the port in general makes it a great place to leave and return from your cruise. When you see 5, 6, or 7 cruise ships lined up, it’s quite the spectacle.

I’m a huge supporter of the port of Miami, and it’s an important area for US commerce. I believe that the cruise industry has a major impact on the port as well as serves as a key docking point for all cruise ships. If you ever feel like cruising, Miami is a great place to start your journey.

The cruise industry needs Miami, it’s a great place to launch a cruise and it’s close proximity to South American countries, as well as the Caribbean, is key. Miami will continue to rebound from the economic disaster that just happened, and if you look downtown in buildings like 500 Brickell, things are turning around already. Just one year ago the building was almost vacant, now it’s at 90% capacity. When this economy comes back in Miami, it will come roaring back, and it’s something people in the know WILL cash in on.

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