How to Get Your Book Published and Marketed Free

Believe it or not you can get your book published for no cost to you at all. All you have to do is submit your manuscript and if your a course in miracles twitter you will not only get published but get paid royalties for your hard work. I know you’re saying where are these companies that are willing to risk this no money out of your pocket to get you an unknown author not only published but paid. Believe it or not you are doing them a favor. First of all you are bringing your completed or semi-completed work to them to examine and determine its worthiness to be published. Secondly they will be paid a percentage of the royalty that you will receive from the sell of your book.

One such company is Publish America, Inc. they allow new and unpublished authors to submit their books for publishing they can be found at Publish America publishes more new titles than any other publishing company, books are available in both hard and soft covers and if your manuscript is accepted it doesn’t cost you a penny. The Publish America website tells you how to submit your manuscript and how you will be paid. There website welcomes new authors, gives submission information , facts and figures, marketing information, copyright information, discusses royalties, book ownership and other important topics. They tell you how long you should wait for a reply from them which usually is 1-2 days initially.

Marketing Strategy is a company where new authors can learn how to get published and promote there books. They encourage new authors to make the Book Directory their first marketing move. This service is totally free with no strings attached. The high page rank of this directory in search engines will help interested readers find your book. Also if you have a website or a blog for your book a link from can help improve your sites search engine ranking. can teach you how to get your published book into independent book stores, generate a buzz about your book on Myspace, how to market your book, and how to market your book to online book clubs. Just go to and get started.

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