How Much Earnings Should Be Expected From Writing a Book

When it comes to writing a book, one of the things that most people ask is “how much money can I make from writing a book?” But the answer is complicated because there is no straight-forward amount of money like “You’ll earn for every ucem retiro online you write.”

If that was true I’d write a book a week and be a millionaire in a couple of years.

There are several different factors to consider if you want to earn money as an author and I’m going to outline 7 of them for you right now. And if you can get all 7 of these right then my earlier statement about being a millionaire book author in 2 years could be right.

1. Your personality. You first have to consider your own personality and what you can write about. So if you’re a muscle-bound, insecure male, could you make money writing historical romances? Probably not.

What type of person you are will determine what you can best write about. It also depends on what you’re interested in. So if you couldn’t care less about women’s issues then you’ll never be able to write a book about it.

All this doesn’t mean you’ll never write a good book. Only that you have to write to suit your interests and your personality.

2. Writing talent. So many people want to be a writer but they simply don’t have the talent. Just like not everyone can be an artist, not everyone can be a writer. If the talent isn’t there, you’ll never make money as a writer. No one wants to buy a badly written book.

There are eBooks you can buy online that tell you that you can write an eBook even if you can’t spell and have no writing talent. But what these eBooks are telling you is to get someone else to do the writing for you. To use a ghost writer. Many celebrities do this when they “write” their autobiographies.

3. Book Cover. They say we should never judge a book by it’s cover but we all do it all the time. Even if it’s an eBook, your cover must be good.

Your book will be competing against thousands of others and if your cover is boring, no one will pick up your book, or click on your eBook cover.

4. Availability. To sell more copies of your book, readers need to be able to find it and for it to be available to purchase. So if you’re selling an eBook, make sure the “buy now” button is easy to find. You can also sell your eBook in many places online.

If your selling a printed book, make sure it’s selling in as many online book stores as possible and keep a good stock of copies. It’s often easier to use Print On Demand printing for physical books by using companies such as so that your books is printed as it’s ordered and it never runs out of stock.

5. Marketing. You need to let people know that your book or eBook is available. you can do most of your online marketing for free by using article marketing, discount promotions, press releases, guest blog posts, email marketing, giving away review copies, and more.

You just have to make sure you let as many people as possible, know about your book. Much of your marketing can be done before you book is published to create demand for when it’s ready.

6. Finding Your Market. Before you can do any marketing you need to make sure that your targeting the right people. This can be done by searching online to see what people are looking for and what sort of people they are.

It helps to have an image in your mind of your ideal reader and then to online to find where they hang out.

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