Discernment in Selecting a Healer or Spiritual Teacher

This is a topic about which much has teacher of teachers. As time passes, bringing about rapid and catalytic changes, many people seek assistance, healing, therapy and guidance, increasingly regarding spiritual matters. Spiritual awakening can sometimes be rude and the energetic changes too fast and confusing for some people to handle. Experiences of metaphysical nature, past life memories, psychic abilities, chakra energizing can happen smoothly or they can happen in a way that calls for assistance or clarification. Difficulties of a personal, practical nature always have a spiritual component, which makes any ‘fixing’ solutions that might have worked in the past, no longer work.

As a result, there is an increased need for truthful, honest healers and teachers, or rather facilitators, with integrity and humility. This is not an era of gurus and followers. This is an era of equals among equals. We are very fortunate to have access to an abundance of information, through books, through the Internet, about spiritual matters, more than ever in our recorded history. This, in itself, is very empowering, allowing people to develop their own thinking and good judgment, giving people space and choice.

It may not always be that way. In a possible future scenario of telecommunications breakdown, for example, some people may not have access to the Internet, exactly at a time when they may need it the most. This is why it is important to cultivate our discernment and intuition beforehand, both in selecting the right opinions for us, but also in generating interpretations for ourselves and finding our inner source of guidance and information. We may not be given everything, but we will be given what we need to know.

This is not an era of gurus and followers. This is an era of taking the harder step of finding what is true within us and believing in ourselves.

This of course does not mean that we reject healers and teachers, for they are with us, gratefully so, for a good reason. But, we have the responsibility of the steering wheel in our lives. We are the ones to decide who to trust and whether to accept every opinion, even from the teacher we trust. In my personal spiritual journey, I have found that if I became a little ‘lazy’, expecting answers from another, which I can find myself (with a little extra work and self-confidence), then Spirit made external guidance slightly misleading, just enough to teach me the lesson to rely on my own two feet. Nothing dramatic, just a little reminder that: “God will not do for man what man can do for himself” (I think this was said by goddess Athena to Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey!).

How do we select healers/teachers/therapists? After we selected them, how do we keep our power within the therapeutic relationship? No such relationship is perfect, for healers and teachers are also human and make mistakes, just as we do. This does not necessarily mean that we abandon a trustworthy teacher, but we need to have enough self-confidence to be able to handle it, without putting ourselves down.

Some important points to remember are shown below. Most may sound self-evident, yet I thought it is important to voice them in an explicit manner, because I have found it quite startling how often we tend to forget them, especially when we are with a teacher whose aura is very strong, in an audience where no one dares disagree with him/her, or when impressive psychic abilities are involved. Psychic abilities need to be approached with care, as they have been over-glorified lately. Psychic skills may or may not be the guide to the truth. Our own heartfelt truth, however humble, ordinary, or simple may seem, is more important than any astonishing information through psychic faculties. Love is the ultimate criterion for our choices, love, simple and true.

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