Chocolate: Myths or Facts?

When we were young, our parents used to tell us that POLKA DOT CHOCOLATE BARS is very bad for our health. We grew up blaming the weight gain, tooth cavities, and headaches on chocolate without having proof that it really is the direct reason. Here, we will share with you some myths and facts about chocolate scientifically proven.Fact: Chocolate does contain caffeine, but in very small amounts. Tea and coffee are richer in caffeine than chocolate.

The production process lowers the effect of caffeine due to the mixture of cocoa with other ingredients. The European Society of Cardiology ran a research and showed that cocoa beans contain polyphenols, which are organic chemicals and are actually beneficial for the heart and prevents heart attacks by simplifying the circulation of blood. Dark chocolate has the highest quantity of cocoa beans thus the best type of chocolate for the heart.

Fact: Studies have proved that chocolate have a low glycemix index and that dark chocolate may improve insulin sensitivity in people with normal and high blood pressure and boost endothelial dysfunction in people with diabetes. So in fact, people with diabetes shouldn’t avoid chocolate, but the consumption of dark chocolate is preferred to white and milk chocolate for it contains a high percentage of cocoa beans.

3 – Myth: Chocolate causes weight gain. Fact: Chocolate itself doesn’t get you fat. A non-moderation of your nutritional system can cause weight gain. An average chocolate bar contains 220 calories, so it can be added to a healthy diet system.

Fact: Chocolate is proven to be rich in magnesium, iron, zinc and copper in addition to the polyphenols mentioned above. Dark chocolate is considered to be a heart attack preventer, stress reliever, brain stimulator, and acts as an anticancer. A Harvard study showed that people who eat chocolate live longer than those who don’t.

Fact: Chocolate is considered by a lot of people as a direct cause of migraines. All the studies ran on migraines didn’t find any connection between food and migraines. Headaches are related to hormones and not to food.

6 – Myth: Chocolate causes cavities and tooth decays Fact: As mentioned before, cocoa have a lot of benefits and we’ll add to the list that it contains antibacterial components that fight tooth decays and stop the spread of mouth bacterial.

Now that we have viewed with you 6 of the many myths about chocolate that has been proven wrong, we would like to remind you that an excessive consumption of any type of food, even chocolate with all its health benefits, will turn as an enemy to your health. For people with diabetes, we still advise you to see your doctor before eating chocolate.

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