Be Aware of Immigration Fraud – Find the Right Ways of Entry

There are many illegal ways which are being used to migrate into Canada. However, one needs to be aware of immigration fozia shan siddiqi remax to avoid being dubbed as offenders of Canadian Law. One of the worst things about immigration frauds are the bottlenecks that are created, delay in the processing of other valid applications, and the wrong impression that get created in the native country. Moreover, it questions the whole integrity of the immigration system, something that no government would be tolerant to. There are many types of immigration frauds which try to misuse and misdirect the laws. Frauds include irregular adoptions, misrepresentation of facts or data, relationship frauds and cyber frauds.

It is important for citizens to be aware of immigration fraud and understand the ways in which immigration applications could be rejected as well. In some scenarios for example, the spouse is denied entry, after officers crack down on discrepancies in financial statuses and educational backgrounds between the two partners. There are complaints as well, on how some cases are too rigid and some, too lenient when it comes to determining whether a relationship is authentic or a fake way of achieving immigration. Immigration officers get to review hundreds or even thousands of immigration requests especially from spouses.

In fact, even citizens are now being requested to assist the system in stopping immigration fraud. This is because by preventing immigration fraud, one can not only save precious tax dollars but also prevent questionable individuals from entering the country. In fact, there are cases where illegal citizens collect employment insurance or even social assistance from the Canadian government illegally, thus violating immigration laws. The Canada Border Services Agency is another body that handles cases of immigration fraud. Another interesting aspect of the law is that it is a crime indeed, to marry a Canadian citizen for the sole purpose of gaining permanent residence in the country.

Immigration issues also come from individuals who are not allowed to enter into the country with more than one spouse, even if they have been married twice, elsewhere. One-sided marriages are increasingly being reported, to go along with marriages of convenience, which put the whole system into question, compromising its integrity. One of the new rules in this regard, makes it mandatory for partners to live together for at least 2 years from the day they have been granted permanent residence status. This, to certain extent, minimizes the chances of a marriage fraud.

There are cases involving document fraud as well, where altered or false documents have been submitted. The documents in question include visas, birth and marriage certificates, police certificates and passports. Officers are being trained in Canada and abroad to stop immigration fraud. In fact, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police works along with the CBSA and CIC to crack down upon immigration fraud of different kinds. Bio-metric Verification is now being introduced along with other technological advances to make it virtually impossible for individuals to provide false or fake information, to gain wrongful entry into Canada.

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