Backdrops for Successful Photography Business

If you have a desire to set up your own home based photography business, just start out in with digital photography. It is not that Corporate Headshots NJ difficult to take beautiful shots with your camera if you do it the right way. To start the business, you do need a basic camera with manual controls, and some basic office stationery. You can run your business from home. For a successful photography business you must be able to offer a variety of backgrounds to your clients.

In Indoor shooting you may pose your subject on the floor or they could be posed on and around their furniture in the living room, etc. In outdoor shooting outside portraits could be in their back yard, at the beach, a local park, etc.

Mostly people want a beautiful portrait that singles them out as individuals, whenever possible, always try for a location that has meaning for them.

You must use formal backdrops. Try to go for simple backgrounds. They are often the best. There are several types of backdrop materials:

Paper backdrop – Large rolls of paper come in most any color you can imagine. They can be purchased at many local camera stores and are relatively inexpensive.

Painted Canvas backdrop – These can provide some truly stunning portraits. Many backdrop suppliers create them and they can be ordered over the Internet if you don’t happen to be near a supplier.

What background size should I use? It is the first question, which may arise in your mind. The most common backdrop sizes to choose from are 6×9, 10×12, and 10×20.

6×9 – This size is used for headshots and very small item commercial photography mostly.

10×12 – Primarily used in shooting individuals and headshots. Full lengths are possible for an individual on this size. However, you are limited in your lighting and posing due to its size.

10×20 – This is by far the most versatile backdrop size. It can be used for families, couples, weddings, bridals, commercial, and everything you would use the smaller sizes for. There may be times when you are photographing larger groups, 8 and above, when two 10’x20’s of the same or similar pattern may come in handy (Hang one horizontally and lay the other on the floor so the seam is unseen).

I think you can probably see my personal preference. 10x20s are by far the most versatile and you can use them on all types of photography. Give your client some options; take a few full-length shots, three-quarter length shots, and shots with props. They will be impressed and most likely order more than they would have ordered otherwise. I see far too many photographers limiting themselves by getting smaller backdrops; they think they are saving themselves money. Looking at the big picture, photographers need to be ready to handle the bridals and full lengths of children and large families. We should all cater to bridals and family portraiture because there is a lot of money in this avenue. Far too many studios are not equipped to handle these high profit sessions because of inadequate backdrops.

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