Audio to Your Web Site and Increase Your Sales

Adding searchable acim audio it isn’t as hard as you have been led to
believe and you don’t even have to pay a monthly fee either. You
can start with sound recorder (Pre-installed on every Windows
computer) and the free microphone that came with your computer.

Some of the things you can do with audio to enhance your site

* Create audio greetings

* Create audio testimonials

* Narrate tutorials

* Create audio ezines

* Add audio files for your visitors to download

* Create audio articles

* Add your band’s music clips as tempting teasers to get buyers

* Read children’s stories

* Tell Jokes

* Sing…

* Add music as a background to your web site (Tastefully – please!)

This list goes on and on.

Let’s quickly cover a couple of the items on the list and see
what the advantages are.

Create Audio Greetings:

Well, I think this one is fun. Don’t you often wonder what that
“Guru” sounds like? Or even what a web master who has created
your favorite web tool or ebook?

Adding an audio greeting is actually about the easiest thing to
do if you want to improve your sales. For most web sites, when
done tastefully, the sales can jump up to 35%! People just trust
you more and feel like they know you a little better if they hear
your voice.

Also, excitement is contagious. If you are excited about your
product, ezine or membership site you can hear it in your voice
when you talk about it. SO CAN YOUR CUSTOMERS! And more
importantly, your potential customers.

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