36th World Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology

The literacy level in any A Course In Miracles is an originator to the progress in the country. Education and succeeding career opportunities in UAE have developed greatly in the last fifteen years. Currently,Many colleges in Dubai are now emerging Articles there are lots of reputed schools, colleges and universities in Dubai that promote studies for female and male students. With the rise in the population there is a need to enhance primary education levels s well. Recently NAJAH (career, education, and training development organization) facilitated completely a show for women. They’re helping women to select training programs as well as alternate careers of education in Dubai. In healthcare and education sectors women are especially doing very well. As per the Civil Services Commission nearly 65 percent of the teachers in UAE are women.

Even at school levels, number of the female students has raised. There are even more female students now. Women have still to get more service opportunities compared to high education that they are getting. The present ruler’s late father Sheikh Zayad once said, “Nothing can delight me more other than to see a woman taking her distinctive place in the society. Nothing must hinder her development. Like men, women also deserve the rights to occupy higher positions according to the qualifications and capabilities they possess.”

There are many schools as well as colleges in Dubai. Around 88 public schools are owned by Ministry of Education. Also, there’re 132 private schools for the expatriates. The Arabic language is main medium. English tends to be the second language. There’re many Pakistani and Indian schools as lots of people from both these countries live and work there. There is also a private sector of the education. They offer joint (female and male) higher education facility abroad. The expenses of studies are paid by government for that.

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