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Legion Pre-expansion For World of Warcraft Will Change Character & Class

Snow squall propelled a progression of fix notes for World of Warcraft Legion Pre-Expansion. Here, Safewow has rolled out a rundown for improvements of character and class.

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Here are the changes in WOW Legion Pre-Expansion

Character Changes

1. Specialization System Changes

Characters can now change between any of their specializations while out of combat. Action bar configurations and talent loadouts are saved for each specialization. As a result, Dual Specialization has been removed.

2. Updates to Combat Visuals and Audio

Updated and improved on the animations, visual effects, and audio on core combat interactions like auto-attacks as well as many melee class abilities.

3. Talent System Changes

Players may now change talents freely when in any rested XP area. The Inscription profession can craft consumable items that allow for this to be done in the field. In addition, after queuing into an instanced dungeon, raid, or PvP content, players have a grace period during which they may change talents freely.

4. Glyph System Changes

The Glyph panel has been removed from the game. Some minor glyphs that had a cosmetic effect that does not apply to a specific spell have been converted into cosmetic items that provide the same effects as before.

Some minor glyphs that made cosmetic alterations to a specific spell have been added to the spell itself in the spellbook.

5. Gnome Hunters

Gnomes can now be Hunters.

6. Draenor Perks Removed

Draenor Perks have been removed from the game.

7. Armor Changes

  1. Hunters and Shaman can now equip Mail armor from level 1 (down from level 40).
  2. Warriors and Paladins can now equip Plate armor from level 1 (down from level 40).
  3. New Mail and Plate reward options have been added to low level quests.

8. Racial Abilities: Human

  1. Every Man for Himself now removes all Stun effects and shares a 30-second cooldown with other items or abilities that have a similar effect.
  2. The Human Spirit has been redesigned. Human characters now gain 1% more of all secondary stats (Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, and Versatility) from all sources.

Class Changes

All classes and specializations have undergone changes to abilities and mechanics.

Just enjoy yourself!