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Guide to Farm in Clash of Clans

The primary approach to really win in Clash of Clans is to construct units, assault different players, climb in the leaderboards, and gather more gold, elixirs, and diamonds to assemble more units. At that point climbing in more elevated amounts to crush more grounded players to increase considerably more gold and elixirs. In any case, this might be a long procedure since we have to accumulate assets to really fabricate a solid base to assault different players, so we, as players, must choose the option to cultivate for gold and elixirs.

There are various approaches to cultivate for assets. One way, the long and simple route, is to utilize the shield to shield the base from more grounded players. The shield will keep going for quite a while, twelve, sixteen hours, or all the more relying upon the shield. Since time is one method for get-together assets, simply allow the diversion to sit unbothered for whatever length of time that the shield is up, and there will be an immense result. Amid this time, step up the structures in the base to create more grounded units can help later on in the diversion. Once the shield is down, assaulting weaker players can get some gold quite snappy.

On another note, attacking other players is a good way to farm for more gold in Clash of Clans. It’s quicker, definitely faster than waiting for a certain time emptying out that gold mine, or gaining elixirs. Taking on other players of course requires the right strategy, which anyone can find online. Personally, I like to send a barrage of archers and goblins to keep things in a safe distance, and gain bonus gold in the process. Taking on weaker players are a safer bet, since it’ll require less resources to take them down, but the payout will be low. Stronger players are a much bigger risk since more resources will be used to take them down, and they will have a more fortified base. However, the payoff will be huge. Then there are just taking out players who haven’t been playing the game for a long time. Attacking inactive players is also a safe bet, which can be seen with sleeping builders or a grey clan shield.

Then there are trophies and achievements. Each trophy and achievement gives a certain amount of gems and gold, the easier ones giving the least, while the harder ones giving the most. A majority of them can be time consuming, such as winning ten multiplayer battles, or earn a total of 100,000 gold. It’s about a long of a process as the shield strategy mentioned earlier, but it requires more interaction so it passes by the time.

There are other ways to farm in Clash of Clans, but after talking with a few friends, and trying it on my own, these seem to be the best strategy to gain as many resources as anyone can. There is also the easy route by spending money to collect gems, which then can be converted into gold and elixirs.but where’s the fun in that?